Eric Boelter, PhD

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Alterations to functional analysis methodology to clarify the functions of low rate, high intensity problem behavior.
(2012 Summer)
Behav Anal Pract 5(1): 27-39
Davis BJ, Kahng S, Schmidt J, Bowman LG, Boelter EW

Reinforcement schedule thinning following functional communication training: review and recommendations.
(2011 Summer)
Behav Anal Pract 4(1): 4-16
Hagopian LP, Boelter EW, Jarmolowicz DP

Effects of preference on verification of discriminated mands.
(2011 Winter)
J Appl Behav Anal 44(4): 931-5
Boelter EW, Hagopian LP

An analysis of functional communication training as an empirically supported treatment for problem behavior displayed by individuals with intellectual disabilities.
(2011 Nov-Dec)
Res Dev Disabil 32(6): 2935-42
Kurtz PF, Boelter EW, Jarmolowicz DP, Chin MD, Hagopian LP

Analysis of Mand Selection across Different Stimulus Conditions.
(2010 Feb 1)
Educ Treat Children 33(1): 49-64
Winborn-Kemmerer L, Wacker DP, Harding J, Boelter E, Berg W, Lee J

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