Donna Davis

Personal Statement

​​I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.  My primary interest is the treatment of anxiety and depression in the Acute Care setting. Specifically, I am interested in facilitating a patient’s personal coping strategies to effectively deal with the distress of medical illness.  My current research is focused on the development of demoralization in patients who have multiple complications and long lengths of stay in the hospital. 

Recent Publications

Patient Safety Culture Bundle for CEOs and Senior Leaders.
(2020 Feb)
Healthc Q 22(SP): 82-95
Armutlu M, Davis D, Doucet A, Down A, Schierbeck D, Stevens P

Patient Engagement in a Large-Scale Change Initiative: "As Safe as Possible, as Soon as Possible".
(2020 Feb)
Healthc Q 22(SP): 27-39
Burns KK, Davis D, Popescu I, Laeeque H, Kossey S, Misfeldt R, Thrall C

Integrating Palliative Care at the Point of Care: Development of Electronic Interdisciplinary Plans of Care for Oncology Inpatients.
(2018 Apr)
J Hosp Palliat Nurs 20(2): 129-136
Thirlwell S, Mason TM, Davis D, Machowski TP

Disparities in Health Care Coverage Among U.S. Born and Mexican/Central American Born Labor Workers in the U.S.
(2019 Feb)
J Immigr Minor Health 21(1): 66-72
Hammig B, Henry J, Davis D

Tolerability and Effectiveness of 17-α-Alkylated Androgen Therapy for Hereditary Angioedema: A Re-examination.
(2016 Sep-Oct)
J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract 4(5): 948-955.e15
Zuraw BL, Davis DK, Castaldo AJ, Christiansen SC

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