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Anne Thomas, MD

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Early switch from intravenous to oral antibiotic therapy in patients with cancer who have low-risk neutropenic sepsis: the EASI-SWITCH RCT.
(2024 Mar)
Health Technol Assess 28(14): 1-101
Coyle V, Forde C, Adams R, Agus A, Barnes R, Chau I, Clarke M, Doran A, Grayson M, McAuley D, McDowell C, Phair G, Plummer R, Storey D, Thomas A, Wilson R, McMullan R

Exploring malaria prediction models in Togo: a time series forecasting by health district and target group.
(2024 Jan 30)
BMJ Open 14(1): e066547
Thomas A, Bakai TA, Atcha-Oubou T, Tchadjobo T, Rabilloud M, Voirin N

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Juvenile Correctional and Detention Facilities: A Scoping Review.
(2023 Oct)
J Correct Health Care 29(5): 355-369
Yang P, Folk JB, Lugosi SI, Bemat Z, Thomas A, Robles-Ramamurthy B

Early switch to oral antibiotic therapy in patients with low-risk neutropenic sepsis (EASI-SWITCH): a randomized non-inferiority trial.
(2024 Jan)
Clin Microbiol Infect 30(1): 92-99
Coyle V, Forde C, McAuley DF, Wilson RH, Clarke M, Plummer R, Grayson M, McDowell C, Agus A, Doran A, Thomas AL, Barnes RA, Adams R, Chau I, Storey D, McMullan R, EASI-SWITCH Investigators

3Rs implementation in veterinary vaccine batch-release testing: Current state-of-the-art and future opportunities. A webinar and workshop report.
(2023 Aug)
Biologicals 83(): 101695
Viviani L, Balks E, Beken S, Brady AM, Clayton R, Cliquet F, Desmayanti L, Fragoeiro S, Hamtak TJ, John D, Jungbaëck C, Kalaivani M, Kross I, Lang C, Ria Isriyanthi NM, Mallet L, Milne C, Rubbrecht M, Siklódi B, Singh B, Srinivas GB, Stickings P, Stirling C, Sundram P, Szabó M, Thomas A, van den Berg M, Walker A, Philippe C, Vandeputte J

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