Anne Arnett, PhD

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Recent Publications

Clinical Phenotypes of Carriers of Mutations in CHD8 or Its Conserved Target Genes.
(2020 Jan 15)
Biol Psychiatry 87(2): 123-131
Beighley JS, Hudac CM, Arnett AB, Peterson JL, Gerdts J, Wallace AS, Mefford HC, Hoekzema K, Turner TN, O'Roak BJ, Eichler EE, Bernier RA

Auditory perception is associated with implicit language learning and receptive language ability in autism spectrum disorder.
(2018 Dec)
Brain Lang 187(): 1-8
Arnett AB, Hudac CM, DesChamps TD, Cairney BE, Gerdts J, Wallace AS, Bernier RA, Webb SJ

The autism spectrum phenotype in ADNP syndrome.
(2018 Sep)
Autism Res 11(9): 1300-1310
Arnett AB, Rhoads CL, Hoekzema K, Turner TN, Gerdts J, Wallace AS, Bedrosian-Sermone S, Eichler EE, Bernier RA

Refining treatment choices for ADHD.
(2018 Sep)
Lancet Psychiatry 5(9): 691-692
Arnett A, Stein M

The state of research on the genetics of autism spectrum disorder: methodological, clinical and conceptual progress.
(2019 Jun)
Curr Opin Psychol 27(): 1-5
Arnett AB, Trinh S, Bernier RA

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