Aditi Sharma, MD


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Washington, 2014-2016
General Psychiatry, University of Michigan, 2011-2014
MD, University of Michigan, 2007-2011
BS, Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Michigan, 2003-2007

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Antimicrobial Terpenoids as a Potential Substitute in Overcoming Antimicrobial Resistance.
(2020 May 19)
Curr Drug Targets
Sharma A, Biharee A, Kumar A, Jaitak V

Exploring outcomes and characteristics of myasthenia gravis: Rationale, aims and design of registry - The EXPLORE-MG registry.
(2020 Apr 16)
J Neurol Sci 414(): 116830
Anil R, Kumar A, Alaparthi S, Sharma A, Nye JL, Roy B, O'Connor KC, Nowak RJ

Burdens and awareness of adverse self-reported lifestyle factors in men with sub-fertility: A cross-sectional study in 1149 men.
(2020 May 3)
Clin Endocrinol (Oxf)
Jayasena CN, Sharma A, Abbara A, Luo R, White CJ, Hoskin SG, Khanjani S, Crawford MJ, Ramsay JW, Minhas S, Dhillo WS

Kisspeptin and Testicular Function-Is it Necessary?
(2020 Apr 22)
Int J Mol Sci 21(8):
Sharma A, Thaventhiran T, Minhas S, Dhillo WS, Jayasena CN

Clinicoepidemiologic Features of Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria in Patients with Elevated Plasma D-Dimer Levels versus those without It: A Case-Control Cross-Sectional Study of 100 Indian Patients.
(2019 Nov-Dec)
Indian Dermatol Online J 10(6): 632-638
Chauhan S, Mahajan VK, Mehta KS, Yadav RS, Chauhan PS, Bhushan S, Sharma V, Sharma A, Wadhwa D, Sharma A

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